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The ONLY Pet-Friendly accommodation of this QUALITY in Broken Hill
that allows your furry friends to stay INSIDE with you!

Pet stays

“We know how much they mean to you, they mean that much to us too”

Here at Gum Paddock Country Cottage, we absolutely love animals and welcome guests travelling with their furry companions to enjoy our quality, clean, country-style, true pet friendly accommodation.

Situated on the outskirts of town, your pet will enjoy a ‘300 acre natural bushland backyard’ to run around and play, throw a ball, stretch their legs, laze in the sun and soak up the fresh country air or take a walk down to the serene dry creek bed and enjoy the new smells and sights together – ‘it’s paradise for pets’.

Furry friends are more than welcome ‘inside’ Gum Paddock Country Cottage as long as they are a small-medium breed, house-trained, well-behaved & strictly follow the Pet-Stay Terms. The Cottage is also fully fenced to give you peace of mind if leaving your pets outside, unattended for a while. Please note that the fence is only waist height in some areas so keep this in mind for ‘jumpers’.

Our Pet Relations Officer, Gus the Kelpie, just loves meeting new friends at the Cottage, but asks both owners and his ‘new friends to-be’ to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure a happy stay:

Pet Stay Terms

• Due to the additional cleaning required to make the Cottage clean & hygienic for the next guests arrival, we charge a pet-stay fee. *

• Pets must be house-trained and be in no way aggressive or destructive, inside or outside the Cottage. Only small-medium breeds are permitted inside the cottage, large breeds must remain outside at all times.**

• We do not permit dogs that are registered as a dangerous breed as there are other animals that live happily on the property, including free ranging wildlife.

• Furry friends must be in good health, clean, well-groomed and free from fleas & ticks.

• No pets are permitted to toilet inside the Cottage under any circumstance. Owners must clean up ‘deposits’ around the Cottage area and dispose of them thoughtfully. When you are out walking around the property, your pooch can of course toilet where it pleases & let nature take its course.

• Although it may seem like harmless fun, owners are to protect the native wildlife & free-ranging chickens from being bullied, stressed or chased by your furry friend(s).

• Under no circumstances are pets allowed on the furniture at any time during your stay, this includes both the bed and lounge – please respect future guests, our furniture and our cleaning task.**

• Under no circumstance is any linen or towels belonging to the property to be used as pet bedding.**

• Under no circumstances are pets to be left alone inside the Cottage at any time. You must advise the owner if you intend to leave the property and want to leave your furry friend outside whilst you are away. If the owner agrees to your request, your pet(s) must remain inside the cottage fence and have access to shelter and fresh water. We will not be held liable for any incident that may occur whilst your pet(s) is left unattended on the property.

• The manager reserves the right to ask any guest with a pet to leave immediately if the above terms are not followed.

Water & food bowls are conveniently provided for your furry friends but please ensure you bring along their own bedding to sleep on.

By making a booking at Gum Paddock Country Cottage, you are agreeing to the Pet-Stay Terms as stated above.

* Pet Stays are charged at $50 per pet, per stay and this non-refundable payment is to be finalised prior to entry to the Cottage.

** Credit Card details must be provided at the time of finalising your booking for security of damages, destruction or excess cleaning resulting from not adhering to the Pet Stay Policy. The full cost to replace/or repair any damage and/or destruction resulting from your pet(s) stay will be charged to your credit card. A maximum of $100 will be charged to your credit card if, after your departure, it is found that a pet has been laying on the furniture. These charges are separate to the Pet Stay Fee and are only charged for damage, destruction or excess cleaning, as stated above.

Please note furry friends are permitted at Gum Paddock Country Cottage only. Unfortunately, pets are not able to be accommodated at our executive property, Maison de Chocolate.

Gus & Friends

Gus & the Team at Gum Paddock Country Cottage thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to making your stay relaxing & enjoyable… especially Gus.